Pet Insurance

With our pet insurance cover you can be sure that your favorite pet will receive the best medical treatment when its needed. Taking out insurance for your pet online is quick and easy; we have 3 cover levels to suit different budgets.

Pet Insurance
Our pet insurance will protect you against unforeseen financial circumstances relating to your pet, be it pedigree or non-pedigree Dogs or Cats. We have a choice of 3 pet insurance cover levels to cater for different budgets.

Our cover levels are:
Essential (Accident and Third Party Liability Only)
Premier (12 months cover for a medical condition)
Premier Plus (Lifetime cover of a Medical Condition)
providing comprehensive pet insurance at an affordable cost.

There are many unforeseen risks associated with owning a cat or dog and situations which can leave us with unexpected costs. In the event that your pet is lost or stolen you may want to advertise for its safe return and offer a reward to the individual who found it. Our pet insurance can help cover the cost of boarding kennel/cattery fees if you are hospitalised or even help with legal costs if your dog causes an accident resulting in 3rd party damage or injury.

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