While your retirement may seem a long way off, starting a pension with Finance In Motion Limited can make a big difference later on. Whatever stage you are at in your life there are some simple steps you can take to start saving on the retirement you want.

The current state pension (Contributory) provides an income of just €230.30 per week for a single person (these figures are correct as of 20/03/2014 If that’s the only income you have when you retire, it could certainly mean a big fall in your standard of living. Furthermore, people are living longer and healthier lives, so your retirement could last up to 30 years.

Did you know that the cost to achieve the fund that you will need for a comfortable retirement doubles on average every 8 years? So it pays to start early. A pension is simply a retirement savings plan by another name. In order to make those plans a reality, we all need to make a savings plan for the future.

We all have a general idea of what we would like to do in retirement, whether its playing golf, traveling the world, taking up a hobby or indeed anything we choose with our long awaited time off.

And the good news is that the Government offer attractive tax relief on any contributions.

There art several pension options depending on whether you are an employee, self employed or a company director/business owner. Contact us on 353 1 296 6532 or and we will help you get the best pension for your needs.

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