Life Assurance

Finance In Motion Limited has a wide range of Life Insurance Policies, covering all aspects of life cover. You can choose what kind of cover you want and then we will customise it you suit you.

Life Insurance
Mortgage Protection
Life Cover
Serious Illness Cover
Income Replacement Plans

Life Cover is essential for anybody buying a home. This cover can be used to secure your mortgage with any bank or building society.

A life Assurance policy protects you and your family from financial burden in the unfortunate event of your death. Life Assurance gives you peace of mind and will be beneficial for inheritance tax planning purposes.

Serious Illness cover will provide a lump sum payment on the diagnosis and certification of a prescribed serious illness.

Income Replacement Plan is a long term disability insurance benefit should you experience a long term illness or injury. The plan provides a monthly income if you are unable to work for an extended period of time, due to illness or injury.

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