Investments can make your money work for you, without leaving it in a bank account and getting very little return on it! If you want to see your money grow then investments are for you.

Finance In Motion can help you invest the funds with fixed interest, property shares or cash which can cater for many investment objectives. In addition to the initial investment, it is possible to add another lump sum to the investments from time to time or set up a regular savings plan.

Finance In Motion Limited offer many different types of investments so you can choose one that best suits you.

Protect your investment from market fluctuations.

Provide a variety of Investment Bonds – 240 to choose from and managed by some of the worlds best investment firms.

Cater for all risk profiles

Lump sum or regular saver options

Funds – Managed, Equity, Currency, Fixed Interest, Property, Cash/Deposit

Investment in sectors

Growth funds for a slow growth world

Investments for children – Investing even a small amount for your children when they are young could be one of the most important things you do for them.

Your investment can help in many different ways

Childcare & Education
To create a fund for childcare and the education of your children. Typical creche fees can range from €800 – €1200 per month along with school and university fees can easily soar into tens of thousands of euros per child.


Wedding Costs
€20,000* cost of the average wedding (If you insist on footing the bill)

Car Purchase
Helping a child buy their first car, or upgrading your own vehicle.


House Purchase
Giving your children a hand with the deposit for their own house or adding an extension or refurbishing your own home.

Finance in Motion Limited can help you with all these investments and draw up a plan to get the best value for money and long term gains.

*These examples are for illustrated purpose only.

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